The People Behind the Network

This Out 2 Learn Network would not be possible without the vision, determination and dedication of some very important and influential organizations devoted to making quality youth programs available to students and families all across greater Houston.

Houston Endowment

Houston Endowment is a private philanthropic institution that enhances the vibrancy of greater Houston and advances equity of opportunity for the people who live here. Jesse H. and Mary Gibbs Jones established Houston Endowment in 1937 to help create a community where the opportunity to thrive is available to all. Continuing in that tradition, the foundation is overseeing the efforts of the Out 2 Learn Network. Learn more about the foundation here.


The City of Houston Mayor’s Office of Education

The Mayor’s Office of Education works to create equitable educational opportunity for all Houstonians by collaboration, communication, and coordination with Houston’s education stakeholders. Utilizing a collective impact approach, the office works to enhance and institutionalize city-wide educational access, equity, and opportunity. The Out 2 Learn Network is an example of one of its critical initiatives.


The United Way of Greater Houston

The United Way creates pathways to self-sufficiency and success for its Houston neighbors. UW is committed to providing tools, resources and education for children to succeed in school and in life. Their commitment to the Out 2 Learn Network is a big part of that. Learn more about the United Way of Greater Houston here.


Harris County Department of Education (CASE for Kids)

CASE for Kids is devoted to enriching educational opportunities in Houston and Out 2 Learn is a prime example of that purpose. By helping guide the Network’s efforts, the organization is fulfilling the dream we all share that kids from all zip codes have rewarding afterschool and out-of-school programming for growth and development. Find out more about the efforts of the Harris County Department of Education here.