Tyto Online is a STEM game that is designed around helping students build science and engineering skills while they solve authentic types of science problems. Here’s a <100 second video summary you can watch. We’ve had a foundation fund us providing a number of free licenses to school districts, and now we also want to expand to selected after/summer-school partners for Spring + Summer 2021.

The benefit for the out-of-school time (OST) partner will be a free, engaging product that can be used to deliver STEM programs during programming, which could be particularly helpful during COVID19 challenges. Our purpose of making these grants available is to learn and figure out what additional modifications or supports are needed to use Tyto Online in OST contexts. We’ll therefore be true partners in these microgrants: in addition to PD and coaching/support, we’ll help with curriculum ideas, create teacher guide modifications/suggestions, etc. based on the needs of our partner organizations. Read more here: https://www.tytoonline.com/job/oststemgaming/