Mission, Vision, Values

The Out 2 Learn Network seeks to give young people access to safe, engaging, inspiring programs that stimulate them mentally and emotionally.

The Mission

The Out 2 Learn Network will expand access to quality afterschool and out-of-school time programs in the greater Houston area.

Our Vision: All of Houston’s children will succeed.

Studies show that kids who participate in safe, healthy out-of-school programs that foster a strong learning environment grow and mature in many ways. Their attendance in school improves. Their engagement in school gets stronger, and they are more likely to take ownership of their education, which is vital to their personal success. This can and should — and will — occur in the greater Houston area.

Out 2 Learn values Access, Connections, and Quality.


Out 2 Learn addresses pronounced gaps in out-of school time (OST) services by making strategic investments into historically underserved communities with high populations of youth in lack of quality programming. Funded projects are enrolled in O2L quality efforts to improve youth outcomes while allowing the overall provider community to glean insights.  Through a coordination of funding streams, Out 2 Learn leverages resources to systematically serve more families and allow OST program to strive towards program scalability and sustainability.


Out 2 Learn is committed to making information on OST programs accessible to the community. The Out 2 Learn website serves as a comprehensive searchable database for use by parents and families to help locate quality OST programs. As an alternative, OST  information is also available by dialing the 2-1-1 Texas/United Way HELPLINE.

Out 2 Learn also hosts quarterly meetings for OST professionals to discuss quality, OST trends, best practices, in addition to providing opportunities for OST agencies to network and collaborate. Lastly, Out 2 Learn conducts outreach throughout the Greater Houston area to raise awareness of the importance of OST!


The Out 2 Learn Network is committed to helping organizations deliver high-quality programming. The Network follows a nationally recognized Youth Program Quality Intervention and continuous improvement process in order to assess and improve quality in programs serving our communities.