The American Youth Policy Forum (AYPF) was founded 27 years ago to improve the lives and outcomes of traditionally underserved youth. AYPF founder, Sam Halperin, wrote in the seminal report, The Forgotten Half: Pathways to Success for America’s Youth and Young Families, that underserved youth face multiple obstacles that hinder their life prospects. The COVID-19 pandemic has laid bare the harsh reality that not enough has changed to effectively address their needs, that are exacerbated by the crisis.  

AYPF applauds efforts to collect and catalog resources for parents and practitioners scrambling to rise to the challenges of the pandemic. Education leaders are providing meals and educational resources for parents attempting to create a home-based learning environment for their children. Health care leaders are offering support to help children and youth manage their stress. And efforts are underway in multiple sectors to ensure that families can provide safe and secure housing for children and youth.  

AYPF offers additional tools and resources designed for traditionally underserved youth, who are struggling to meet current needs while managing the emerging needs during the pandemic. Please add to the list and email additional resources to ensure this list, to the extent possible, is helpful and relevant.