APRIL 10Building Resilience to Support Ourselves, Others, + Our Students   During this time of crisis, educators face not only the stress of changes in their own lives and in their families, but also their deep concerns about the well-being of their students and families. What can we do to support ourselves, our colleagues and students? This practice-based webinar will provide helpful tools and experiences educators can use to build their resilience and support their well-being. Participate in these practices to enhance your emotional awareness and compassion for both your own self-care and the care and nurturing of others. 

Mark Greenberg, Ph.D. Co-Founder, CASEL and Bennett Chair of Prevention Research, Penn State University

Christa Turksma, Co-developer, Cultivating Awareness and Resilience in Education (CARE) program
Velma Cobb Ed.D. Director, Lander Center for Educational Research
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Let’s Listen to Our Young People: What Support Do They Need?
Are adults providing students with what they need during this crisis? Join CASEL for a discussion with Joshua P. Starr Ed.D. (CEO, PDK International) and Educators Rising high school students. PDK’s recent survey shares more from high school students on what kind of social and emotional supports they need, and from educators on what they’re providing. During this webinar, we’ll look at the student voice data together and invite high school students to discuss strategies for bridging that gap.
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