Parents & Caregivers 

Recycled Container Garden

Students will learn how to recycle milk/water/juice cartons for gardening. Students will create a garden in their front and/or back yard. Click here for lesson plan.

Financial Literacy: What is Money

This lesson plan provides an understanding and awareness of the value of coins and paper currency. This lesson is targeted to youth K- 2nd.

Outdoor and survival skills lessons

Students will become familiar with 10 essential items for surviving a back country wilderness experience. Students will understand the importance of pre-trip planning and preparation. And students will think critically to identify their 10 COVID-19 personal essentials. Access the full lesson plan here.

STEM lessons and activities

A variety of lesson plans can be found here.

Literacy Through Photography Lesson

Students will create a reflection journal using simple materials and practice brain activity. This activity is for grade levels 2nd- 8th. Click here for the full lesson plan.

STEM and Agriculture activities

A variety of free lesson plans can be found here.

Vocabulary activities for English second-language students

Provides English language learners with the opportunity to practice, improve, and learn new vocabulary. To provide refugee students a safe space to assume normalcy and continue English enrichment during uncertain times. Facilitators lead a game-show style live-stream featuring a variety of English language word games. Follow the link for more information.