The world has dramatically changed with COVID-19.  Now, we all have to redefine our outcomes, business model, engagement with volunteers, donors and clients, our community engagement and leadership, and the very reasons we do what we do. Is our theory of change still relevant and are there revenue streams to support it? Leadership in the new world means more than the ability to raise awareness of problems and money, now we’ll have to create measurable positive social change to be a viable social enterprise in the future. Our organizational leaders will have to define a clear direction toward making impact on complex social problems. We must engage all three sectors in the work necessary to achieve outcomes that everybody, including those we’re serving, agree on. This is what a “reboot” of an independent sector business looks like. 
Key themes explored will include: Is our theory of change relevant post COVID-19? How leaders engage other leaders in a longer-term focus? Understanding the new charitable marketplace Building a board and governance structure for the new marketplace From mission-based leaders to community leaders, the evolving role of board members and executives

Event Details: Thursday, May 21, 2020
2 p.m. – 3 p.m. EST Location: Webinar
Speakers: Mark Brewer, President & CEO, Central Florida Foundation
Our webinar series gives nonprofit leaders like you the power to drive impact in the community by connecting you to tools, resources and expertise. This thought leadership opportunity focuses on topics such as leadership development, nonprofit sustainability, industry trends and innovative approaches to economic mobility. By sharing expertise more broadly with partners, we hope to be part of the solution, advancing more inclusive communities that offer economic opportunity for all.

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