March for Our Lives Houston (MFOLH) has been doing very valuable work in the fight for children’s safety. We wanted to pass on their most recent newsletters (attached in English and Spanish). Please read and share this with youth, parents, and networks.

In addition, March for Our Lives Houston are collecting experiences of people who have been affected by gun violence. Please support their work by reading the message below from Mr. Holladay, Communications Sublead of MFOLH, and help us spread the word.

We invite you to subscribe to their bimonthly newsletter! In their newsletter, they share current projects, upcoming events, and different action items that continue in order to further their activism. We hope you will consider subscribing! You can subscribe via their website at

Additionally, one of their goals this year is to expand community outreach by magnifying the voices of those who have had experiences with gun violence, rather than speaking over them. Their first action is to ask readers fill out the attached google form if they would be interested in sharing any experiences, they have had with gun violence for publication in our newsletter. If you have any family members, friends, or coworkers who you believe would be willing to share their story, please forward this to them!

Google Form: