O2L is committed to expanding access to high quality out-of-school time services to all families in Greater Houston, and we understand that many OST providers are challenged by everyday barriers that negatively impact programming attendance and retention, or youth engagement.

What is the Barrier Buster Request for Proposal?

The Barrier Buster Request for Proposal is an opportunity for O2L to expand its’ reach and support of out-of-school-time. This funding opportunity aims to target barriers which directly impact youth attendance and retention, or youth engagement within out-of-school time programs. OST providers can request up to $10,000 for the cycle in which they apply.

Who can apply?

Any free or fee-based OST provider with a 501c3 status (minimum of 2 years) and serving youth 5-18 years-old during out-of-school time hours. Public and charter schools running an OST program on their campus are eligible to apply for this grant. Schools are encouraged to work with their OST provider (if applicable) or their district’s grant department/ foundation.

For question about the Barrier Buster process email Tiffany Echevarria at TEchevarria@unitedwayhouston.org or Krystal Perez at KPerez@unitedwayhouston.org. For questions about e-Cimpact please email eCimpact@unitedwayhouston.org.

What are qualifying Barrier Buster requests?
OST providers face all kinds of barriers that impact their ability to program daily. Barriers include but are not limited to transportation, competing priorities, parent/youth buy-in, incentivizing youth voice, or community awareness of youth programs. Barriers are unique to each community and population of students served. OST providers are the experts of their
communities and best understand their own challenging barrier(s). There are no one-size fits all, you tell us the barrier true to your program, your students, and your community! Please keep in mind, priority will be given to requests that use funds toward direct service.

Notice: COVID-19 and Barrier Buster Requests
For COVID-19 related barriers, priority will be given to projects surrounding direct, future impact on programming attendance and retention, or youth engagement for out-of-school time programs; funds cannot be used to cover previous expenditures or losses.

Qualifying requests will:
• Identify a clear barrier that is a recurring challenge for the OST provider during programming hours. (Funds should be directed to address barriers occurring prior to the end of high school graduation.)
• Provide a clear rational for how the barrier directly impacts youth attendance and retention, or youth engagement.
• Describe how this barrier is unique to the program in the proposed community.
• Provide a clear description for use of Barrier Buster funds requested to address the barrier(s) identified.
• Requests should not exceed $10,000.

What are non-qualifying Barrier Buster requests?
• Requests from for-profit OST providers.
• Requests addressing programming after high school graduation.
• Requests exceeding $10,000.

What are the Requirements?

  1. Application: Applicants must answer all application questions and submit a program
    budget. Applications must be submitted on e-Cimpact.
  2. Project Budget: Please provide a minimum of one price quote for program purchases
    over $500. Project Budget should be specific and itemized:
    a. Program Revenue (all associated donations, i.e. cash and in-kind)
    b. Program Expenses (all items with associated costs; indicate which expenses will
    be paid for with O2L Barrier Buster funds.)
  3. Supporting Documents: Applicants must also submit an IRS 501(c)(3) designation letter
    (minimum of 2-year status), the most recently completed IRS Form 990 Income Tax
    Return (filed within the last 3 years), and a signed copy of the Anti-Terrorism Patriot Act
    form (found within the resource center on e-Cimpact).

What is the Timeline?

What are next steps?

  1. Interested applicants are encouraged to watch the pre-recorded Barrier Buster Proposal
    Conference. Details pertaining to this funding process will be provided along with step by
    step instructions for how to navigate the e-Cimpact portal.
  2. To obtain a login for e-Cimpact or if you already have a login and need to obtain access
    to this application, please email e-Cimpact at e-Cimpact@unitedwayhouston.org for your
  3. Attend the upcoming Technical Assistance Call (optional).

What are the grantee requirements?
If awarded Barrier Buster funds, grantees are expected to complete the following:

  1. Agree to, sign, and return the Service Provider Agreement via email to
    TEchevarria@unitedwayhouston.org by the due date assigned.
  2. Use Barrier Buster funds in accordance with the Service Provider Agreement and set
  3. Submit Barrier Buster Grantee Report within 30 days of project completion, no later than
    June 15, 2020.

For question about the Barrier Buster process email Tiffany Echevarria
at TEchevarria@unitedwayhouston.org or Krystal Perez at KPerez@unitedwayhouston.org. For
questions about e-Cimpact please email e-Cimpact@unitedwayhouston.org.