Youth-led Creative Expression Contest to Prevent COVID-19 across Texas! 

Request for Applications (RFA)

We are inviting young people from across Texas to submit creative materials (videos, digital art, murals) to promote behaviors that can prevent the spread of COVID-19. Materials will be used by schools, health departments, and other community groups to promote COVID-19 protective behaviors. This contest is being hosted by the COVID-19 Communications Team within the Health Promotion/Behavioral Sciences Department at UTHealth School of Public Health in partnership with community organizations across Texas.


  • Submissions must be created by student(s) and supported by an identified parent, adult mentor, or sponsor. Parent/Guardian permission and signature are required with submission.
  • K through 12 students, student clubs, after-school programs, youth nonprofit organizations, school wellness teams, and other youth-based groups are encouraged to apply.
  • Creative expression content can be in English or Spanish and may include translation into other languages.
  • Submissions can be either as an individual or as a group of youth. If completed as a group, we need permission forms from all youth involved with the submission.
  • Creative expression content needs to be authentic and original, or it will be excluded from the competition. We will review for authentication and use of other’s materials or ideas.
  • Creative expression content should link directly to any of the four main COVID-19 prevention behaviors (mask wearing, handwashing, social distancing, not touching your face). However, simple, direct, and brief content/message (e.g., short videos) is encouraged
  • Multiple submission are allowed!


  1. Campaign Launch: Request for Applications (RFAs) will be sent on Friday, July 17th, 2020.
  2. Application Format: Applicants must submit the application from at
  3. Due Date: Creative Expression Submissions are due Sunday, August 30, 2020.
  4. Awards: 1st – $300 Wal-mart e-gift card; 2nd – $100 Wal-Mart e-gift card; Honorable recognition – Submissions will be posted on UTSPH Facebook page.
  5. Notification of Awards: Participants will be notified of awards by September 30, 2020.
  6. If you have any questions, contact Jacob Szeszulski at (preferred) or call 1-713-500-9679.