Committed 2 Quality Badge

When you see the Committed 2 Quality badge next to a program listing in the Out 2 Learn Program Locator Tool, this signifies that:

  • Staff at this program site have completed 10+ hours of training
  • The agency offering this program is dedicated to delivering high-quality instructional programming and increasing student engagement.

Current Committed 2 Quality Agencies & Sites!

Congratulations to the following agencies and sites for earning the Committed 2 Quality badge. We commend these agencies for their hard work and dedication to continuous quality improvement!

Alief ISDHeflin Elementary School
Liestman Elementary School
Mahanay Elementary School
Martin Elementary School
Outley Elementary School
Cleveland Ripley
Harbach Ripley
Ripley House
Big Brothers Big SistersBNY Mellon
Mentor 2.0
BSW Constellation
Boys and Girls Club of Greater HoustonAllen Parkway Club
Buffalo Creek Club
Havard Club
Fort Bend Club
Children’s Museum of Houston
Chinese Community Center
Comp-U-Dopt Comp-U-Dopt Warehouse
Kashmere High School
Sharpstown High School
Nehemiah Center
Houston Public LibraryHeights Neighborhood Library
Robinson-Westchase Neighborhood Library
Mancuso Neighborhood Library
Jungman Neighborhood Library
Henington-Alief Regional Library
Carnegie Neighborhood Library and Center for Learning
Oak Forest Neighborhood Library
Park Place Regional Library
Young Neighborhood Library
KEW Learning Academy
Multicultural Education and Counseling through the Arts
Project GRADAldine High School
Aldine Ninth Grade Center
Empowerment High School
Raul Yzaguirre School for Success
Cafe College
Southwest Glen Mission
Texas French Alliance for the Arts
Urban Enrichment Institute
Wesley Community CenterLooscan Elementary School
Sherman Elementary School
Wesley Community Center
Writers in the SchoolsDiscovery Green (Young Writers Workshop)