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Important Notes About Getting Listed

Please read carefully before submitting this form.

If you are an out-of-school time provider, we encourage you to Get Listed! This adds your agency to the Out 2 Learn Database and/or the Program Finder Tool and gives your organization the opportunity for exposure to potential partners and families looking for out-of-school providers.

Please complete the form in its entirety, providing as much information as possible. Failure to do so may prevent your agency from being listed and/or have inaccurate information about your agency advertised. Below is a description of each section.

Organization Information – Provide general information/overview of your organization as a whole.

Your Information – Contact Information of the person completing this form or provide the contact information of the best person to contact for inquiries about your organization/programs.

Program Information – Provide specific information about ONE (1) program/service your organization offers. Check one of the following below. See the table below for an explanation of each option. **Each answer choice activates different questions on the form and tells our system which database to list your agency in.**

We offer this program at specific sites and times.

Programs listed under this option will show up on the Program Finder Tool.

You will complete the form for each type of program/service you offer (i.e. STEM, tutoring, dance, sports, etc.). Please click “Add another program or content offering” button to submit all of your programs in one form instead of submitting multiple forms to prevent duplicates.

We do not offer this program at a specific site/location.

Programs listed under this option will show up in our Out 2 Learn Agency Database but NOT on the Program Finder Tool.
This program/content is no longer available.Select this option if this program/service is no longer provided.

Programs listed under this option will be marked as inactive in our system.

Program Audience – Provide information about the audience this program/service will serve.

Program Site Location – Provide information specific to the location/site this program/service is offered.

Program Schedule – Provide the schedule specific to this program/service. Please include start and end times (including AM/PM), the days offered and start and end dates. You may add programs in advance that will occur at a later date as long as the information is valid and up-to-date (i.e. listing summer programs in the spring). If this same program/service has (or will have) multiple schedules at the SAME location, click “Add Another Schedule” to add the additional schedules.

Add another program or content offering – If your agency offers more than one type of program, click this button to provide information for each program/service. This prevents creating duplicates in our database. (For example, if your agency offers a STEM program, a tutoring program, and a sports program, you would click this button and complete one for STEM, one for tutoring, and one for sports).

Additional Notes

• If you need to update or modify your program information, please DO NOT submit a new entry. Instead, use the unique profile link to update. You should receive your unique link via email after submitting the form. You may also contact us at to receive your unique link.

• You may add programs in advance that will occur at a later date as long as the information is valid and up-to-date (i.e. listing summer programs in the spring).

If you have any questions or trouble navigating this form, please contact us at

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