Programs By Age

Elementary school, middle school or high school

To help expedite the process of finding the right quality out-of-school program for your child, you can search the Out 2 Learn Network programs by age group.

5 to 10

Ages 5 to 10

In addition to the great content offered in these programs you will find the necessary adult supervision, encouragement and support that this age group requires.

Browse programs for 5 to 10-year-olds

11 to 13

Ages 11 to 13

The programs included here are geared for the unique needs and mental and emotional changes boys and girls are experiencing at the middle school age.

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14 to 18

Ages 14 to 18

The programs and activities you will find in this category are specifically designed to cater to the interests of older teens and help high-school-aged students prepare for that next stage in life.

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