Programs by Interest

Feed their Passion

Children and teenagers can be reached, inspired and motivated in many ways. Whether your young person is best engaged intellectually, creatively, athletically or culturally, you can find quality programs that can positively enhance their mental, physical and social development. Take a few moments to see what the Out 2 Learn Network has to offer.

Academic Enrichment

Mentally enriching programs provide a boost for kids of all ages. These academic-based programs help participants retain more of what they learn in school and take ownership of their ongoing education.


Camp environments are invaluable opportunities for kids to develop social skills and better understand concepts like teamwork and conflict resolution. It's also a great chance for them to meet new kids and form new friendships.

College & Career Readiness

Identifying a path for one's skillsets and aptitude can be a confidence boost and relieve anxiety about the future. There are a host of college preparatory and career exploration programs for life after high school.

Community Service

Getting children interested in their communities benefits all parties. Children gain a sense of belonging and purpose and can develop a healthy desire to contribute to those around them.

Culinary Arts

Cooking and baking provide opportunities for young people to develop creatively and socially. The culinary-based programs curated here are fun and rewarding for kids.


There are numerous offerings that provide after school programs every day of the week for youth to thrive.

Cultural Awareness

The cultural awareness programs you find in the Out 2 Learn Network can broaden the horizons of young people, exposing them to different languages, traditions and customs.

International Studies & Travel

Houston is a gateway to the world, and the Out 2 Learn Network has programs that can give young people a glimpse at how peoples around the globe live and learn and grow.

Journalism & Writing

Writing is one of the most critical skills we should all attempt to master. Creative writing programs help youth develop their voice and style, while journalism and media options introduce them to the all important 4th estate.

Languages & Linguistics

Young people pick up languages very well and dozens are spoken across the greater Houston area. A variety of language programs give kids opportunities to not only expand their vocabulary in a new tongue, but also engage in dialogue to reinforce what they're learning.


These programs give young people a chance to engage with other kids, perhaps a bit older than they are, who are there to help provide guidance and to stimulate curiosity in a way that is different and sometimes more effective than what the child might get from another adult.

Sports & Recreation

Every child benefits from daily physical activity. Play is a critical factor in any young person's development. We've gathered a host of fun and enriching opportunities that can help with forming peer relationships, developing conflict resolution skills, maintaining physical fitness, and much more.


As a community we recognize the importance of nurturing young minds in the critical areas of science, technology, engineering, arts, and mathematics. The Out 2 Learn Network has several outstanding opportunities for young people to get support in these fields.

Visual & Performing Arts

In the right program and setting, young people can light up when engaged in an artistic endeavor. Here you will find delightful opportunities in music, theatre, dance and the visual arts.